HCGA is the trade association advancing the interests of the legal and responsible cannabis businesses in Humboldt County. 

Leadership. Advocacy. Empowerment.

Built on a foundation of fifty years of innovation, HCGA members are statewide leaders for environmentally and ethically produced cannabis. Our industry supports thousands of local jobs and millions in tax revenue—driving the majority of economic activity in Humboldt County. We work together to preserve, protect and enhance Humboldt County’s world-renowned cannabis industry through advocacy, public relations and education.


If you are in the cannabis business, you are in the business of politics. HCGA gives Humboldt farmers a voice in Eureka and Sacramento. Participation in the legislative process is vital for every cannabis business in the County.

Law Offices of Lance Rogers

HCGA has done so many great things for me since I joined. The ability to reach out, day or night, has been an amazing treasure. I believe in HCGA’s fight to preserve the culture of others small farms is unmatched, an I appreciate their passion in all that they do!

Huckleberry Hill Farms

In this time of transition and turbulence it is great to have a resource like HCGA. Through advocacy efforts, membership programs and as an educational/ information portal, HCGA has proven themselves to be an ally of the legacy grower and will help to guide the industry into the future.

Ice Box Flat Farms

HCGA Members


8-Mile Family Farms

ABC Farms

Aged Vineyards

Alchemy Atelier

Alderpoint Road Holdings

Aloha Humboldt

Alpenglow Farms

Altum Mind

Amaranth Farms

Apotheca Farms

Ascension Farms

Barrett Farms

Barter Mountain Roots

Bear Extraction House

Big Leaf Ranch

Bigfoot Xing

Black Bear Farms

Born Thorn, Inc.

Cache Farms

CaliSun Farms

Campus Humboldt

Canna country farm

CARE Cooperative

Carlotta Gardens

CASA Humboldt

Chamise Creek Farms

Cherry Valley Farms

Chronic Creek Farms

Clear Water Farms

Cloudhands Farm

Coastal Praire

Countyline Ranch

Coyote Ridge Farms

Crossland Management

CW Analytical

Deep Roots Farm


Dinosaur Valley Farms

Dobbyn Creek Cannabis Farm

Dr. GreenThumb's Humboldt

Dry Creek Gardens

East Mill Creek Farms

Eden Farms

Eel River Organics

Eight Mad Farmers

Elk Ridge Holistics

Emerald County Statewide

Emerald Dragonfly Farms

Emerald Family Farms

Emerald Healing Humboldt

Emerald Mountain Farm

Emerald Queen Farms

Emerald Triangle Collective

Empress Farms

Enchanted Earth

Evio Labs

Exotic Flavorz

Fallen Oak Farm

Flor De Vida

Flow Kana

Flower Co.

Forbidden Fruit Farms

Forever Honeydew Farms

Forever Loving Humboldt

Fresh Off the Hill

Full Cup Farmstead

Full Moon Farms

Full Sun Farm


Golden Gardens

Grade A Farm

Graham's Brand

Gravel Spur Farm

Green Acres Farm

Green Ox / Humboldt Homegrown

Green Truth Gardens

Greenwood Farmz

Grouse Mountain Green

Grouse Valley Farms

Hanging Gardens Inc.

Happy Heads Ranch

Hawk Valley farms


Heart of Humboldt

Heartstone Farms

Hendrx Farms


Hidden Prairie Farms

Higher Ground Agriculture

Hiller Cultivators

Hilltop Farm Humboldt

Honeydew This

Honeydew Valley Farms

House of Jade

Huckleberry Hill Farms


Humboldt 36 Farms

Humboldt AF Cannabis

Humboldt Alchemy Group

Humboldt Apothecary

Humboldt Bay Organics

Humboldt Boutique Gardens

Humboldt Brand Cannabis Company

Humboldt Brothers

Humboldt Bud Company

Humboldt Cheeba Works

Humboldt Craft Farms

Humboldt Distribution Company

Humboldt Edge Farm

Humboldt Family Farms

Humboldt Farms

Humboldt First

Humboldt Green Light Kitchen

Humboldt Green Tree Farms

Humboldt Grove

Humboldt Growers Network

Humboldt Harvest

Humboldt Harvest Moon Farms

Humboldt Herb Star Farms

Humboldt Highline

Humboldt Hygrow & Riverbar Pharms

Humboldt Kine Farms

Humboldt Medicine Man

Humboldt Organics

Humboldt Patient Resource Center

Humboldt Redwood Healing

Humboldt Royale

Humboldt Seed Company

Humboldt Synchronicitrees

Humboldt Trees


HumCo Traditions

HuMMari Farms

Humming Bud Farms

Ice Box Flat Farms

Innovation Pacific Corp

J and R Ranch

Juniper Grown

Kalifornia Green Akres

King Range and Co.

Kings View Farms, LLC


Klamath Sky

Kuda Cannabis

Kurdish Cannabis

Kushla Life Sciences

Lady Sativa Farm

Ladybug Herbal Sanctuary 

Litica Laboratories

LIV Emerald

Live Oak Meadows

Long Creek Ranch

Lost Coast Botanical

Lost Coast Cannabis

Lost Coast Lady Farms

Lost Creek Family Farms

Lucy Gulch

Madrone Farms

Mama Bear Farms

Mamba Humboldt Logistics


Mateel Botanicals

Mattole 1

Mattole Valley Organics

Medicine Wheel Farm

Mermaid Spring Estates

MOCA Humboldt

Moon and Stars Farm

Moontime Medicinals

Mountainwise Farms

Mr Beans Veganix

Music Mountain Farms, LLC

Mystic Mountain Farms


Native Humboldt Farms

Nature’s Jar


Nielson Ranch Farms

Northern Emeralds

OG Distro

Old Goat Farms

Omni Security

One Log House

Orchid Essentials

Organnabliss Farms

Papa & Barkley

Paradise Mountain

Patterson Flat Farm

Peak Industries

Perissos Enterprises

Permanent Holiday

Point Bay Distribution

Power Flower Farm

Proper Wellness

Proxima Investments

Pushr LA

Quantum Genetics

Redwood Roots Family

Reed Mountain Pharms

Ridgeline Farms

Riverview Gardens

Rockaway Investments

Rolling Acres Organics

Rustic Farms

Safier Family Farms

Salmon Creek Farm

Satori Wellness

Schackow Farms

Scrap Acres

Seal Camp Farms of Humboldt

Sensi Vally Farms

Seventh Wave

Simple Solutions/Big Sur Extracts

Sisu Extracts

Sky High Humboldt

Skyfall Family Farm

Skyline Farms

SoHum Royal Cannabis

Sohum Sown

Sol Spirit Farm

Source Nursery

Space Gem Candy

Stoney Bottom Farms

Strain Theory

Sugarleaf Holdings

Summit Sungrown

Sun Green Farms

Sun Growers Guild/True Humboldt


Sungold Flat

Sunnabis: Humboldt's Full Sun Farms

Sunnyside Farms

Sunrise Mountain Farms

Swayback Ridge Farms

Tan Oak Farms

Ten Redwoods

The Ganjery

The Homestead Collective Weed Company

The Honeydew Creek Original Farm

The Humboldt Campus

The Humboldt Cure

The Humboldt Manufacturing Co.

The Original Mom & Pops

The SuperDope Company

The Winterland Farm

Three Creeks Farms

Tranquility Lane Farms

Tranquility Lane Growery

Tree Frog Botanicals

Trusty Transportation

UpNorth Distribution

Villa Paradiso Farms

Vital Herb Farms

West End Farms

West End Organics

West of West

Whitethorn Valley Farm

Wild River Farms

Wild West Herbs

Wildseed Oil

Willow Creekside Farms

Windy Gap

Wolfpack Labs of Heli Biotech

Woody Ridge Farms

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Partners of the Alliance

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Cell:  707-599-6670

427 F Street, Suite 213

Eureka, CA 95501

The Humboldt County Growers Alliance is a California mutual benefit, not-for-profit, trade association that is funded and owned by, and for its members

(EIN #82-0658286).