Jessi Bergsma Rockenbach


Jessi Bergsma Rockenbach has been living and farming in Humboldt County for more than a decade. Her parents raised her to be entrepreneurial in spirit and environmental at heart.

In college she earned a bachelor’s degree with a double major in fine art and graphic design with an academic emphasis on psychology and philosophy. Before her life as a farmer, she worked as a freelance designer and photographer specializing in brand identity development. She was called into the hills of Humboldt County to experience life living and working in nature, rather than in board rooms and high-powered office buildings.

Over the course of the last ten years, she has been honored to learn from some of the best farmers in the business. Their heritage knowledge of the plant, astounding work ethic and drive, and sacred relationship with their environment have all informed the farmer she is today. Their morals around land stewardship, organic best management practices, and quality over quantity are principles she uses to this day. Despite the hurdles inposed by new regulation, she welcomes the laws which uphold environmental values and help our farms prepare for climate change. She sees cannabis as a catalyst for galvanizing national and global change for water protection. Jessi lives and farms with her partner in the Mattole Valley. Together, they built Terravida™. They are actively working to educate, through demonstration, the way to move beyond sustainable and organic into regenerative farming practices.