Nathan Whittington


Nathan Whittington received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Humboldt State University in 2001.  He majored in Philosophy and Religious Studies.  As an undergraduate and business owner in Humboldt County, Mr. Whittington learned to defend the environment while navigating the emerging regulations surrounding the Cannabis industry.  He still remains on the front line of education and policy changes affecting the evolving industry.

Mr. Whittington graduated from John F. Kennedy School of Law in 2009.  Since then, Mr. Whittington has been working as a paralegal in the legal profession. While in law school Mr. Whittington was the President of the Environmental Law Society and worked on many cases to improve the environment for underrepresented peoples.

One such case was with Humboldt Baykeeper to address air quality issues in Eureka from the pulp mill in Manila.  As a result of the case, the air quality has measurably improved in Eureka, CA.

Today, he owns a demonstration farm in line for County and State licensing.  His passion is to assist individuals, farms and communities in leading the way to be stewards of our environment and its' future.