Cody Stross


Cody Stross’s passion is to redefine the medical cannabis industry in Humboldt County. Shortly after moving to Humboldt ten years ago, Cody identified the major problems and needs within the industry. As his involvement in the industry grew, he realized these problems could be solved by identifying the shared goals and values of cultivators, distributors, dispensaries, industry innovators, and patients. He used those goals and values as a platform to begin working with hundreds of individuals across Humboldt and the rest of California to pursue collective prosperity and direct business models away from the black market. Founding Northern Emeralds in 2015 was the culmination of this process.

Humboldt cannabis has long been considered among the world's best, and Northern Emeralds is a company deeply rooted in that tradition.
The Northern Emeralds team believes that responsible cannabis consumption makes a positive contribution to the health of individuals and communities, and is committed to growing the industry using safe, legal and transparent methods.

Northern Emeralds is also the first cultivation company in Humboldt County to provide employees with stable, safe and rewarding
year-round work that includes benefits like healthcare and workers’ compensation. By cultivating an ethos of horticultural and professional excellence, Northern Emeralds produces premium medical cannabis flowers– some of the very best available to patients across the state.