CalCannabis Emergency Regulations & Acreage Cap

"The emergency regulations represent an amazing accomplishment: more than three years of intensive collaboration have resulted in the release of comprehensive regulations that--for the first time in our state's history--provide a clear pathway forward for commercial cannabis. Highlights include the creation of a delivery license, a distribution-transporter license, robust environmental protections and science-based testing standards. Enjoy the weekend reading! 

Earlier today I (Hezekiah Allen) emailed you to let you know that the 1-acre cap referenced in the EIR had not been included in the emergency regulations. Essentially this means that mega-grows, the ones that Prop. 64 promised to delay for five years and that the Environmental Impact Report did not analyze, may be possible in early 2018. I asked for your input on this policy decision; 92 percent of you support a total acreage cap and 82 percent of you feel strongly the cap should be one acre. This survey helped to inform our Executive Committee as they voted unanimously earlier today to make implementation and enforcement of the acreage cap our highest strategic priority.

Our communities and watersheds are already strained from the impacts of two decades of unregulated development driven by cannabis commerce. Hundreds or thousands of additional acres of production will not help our state successfully regulate its most valuable cash crop--and it definitely won't help us improve watershed conditions or stabilize regional economies.

CalGrowers unequivocally supports the enforcement of an acreage cap. If you agree with our position, please sign and share our open letter now. 

The acreage cap is a fundamental policy on which both the MCRSA and the AUMA were constructed, a promise from the Proposition 64 campaign, and critical component of the environmental analysis. It is an offense to our legislative process, our electoral process and our environmental laws to change the policy, especially with no explanation.

We are first seeking clarity. Does the EIR still restrict mega-grows even if that policy is absent from the regulations? Why was this important policy removed at the 11th hour? CDFA suggested that stakeholder input helped inform this decision. Who were these stakeholders? We have sent inquiries to the agency, the governors office, and several lawmakers. We will keep you informed as we learn more. 

I look forward to reviewing the emergency regulations in great detail with all of you over the next few days and weeks. If you aren't a member yet call where we will discuss the regulations in detail. Despite the confusion, I'd like to thank the regulators for getting us to this point. We have come a long way and there is still much more work to do. 

With love and gratitude,

Hezekiah D. Allen

Fri, Nov 17, 2017 at 4:42 PM

Natalynne DeLapp-Hinton