Action Alert: Support One-Acre Cap on Cultivation

Sign the Petition to Reinstate the "Total Acreage Cap"

Since the EIR was released on Monday with the 1-acre cap on cultivation (per person), we have received significant concern from our membership, which includes small, medium and large cultivators, some of whom support the 1-acre cap and some who oppose it.  Here's what we know now, and the position that HCGA has adopted in response.

In a fundamental (and surprising) change of direction, the Department of Food and Agriculture chose not to include the 1-acre cultivation cap in the emergency regulations, despite it being included in the Environmental Impact Report. “The entire regulatory package was being evaluated right up until the time it was released,” the Department of Food and Agriculture’s Director of Public Affairs Steve Lyle wrote in an email to the Times-Standard on Thursday, November 17th. “After careful consideration, including input from stakeholders, the cap was left out.”

After our own careful consideration, the Humboldt County Growers Alliance Board of Directors has voted unanimously to join the California Growers Association in their efforts regarding the 1-acre cap in the PEIR and the absence of said cap in the CDFA regulations. As CalGrowers stated, “The acreage cap is a fundamental policy on which both the MCRSA and the AUMA were constructed, a promise from the Proposition 64 campaign, and critical component of the environmental analysis. It is an offense to our legislative process, our electoral process and our environmental laws to change the policy, especially with no explanation.”

We would like you to know that we are taking this issue very seriously and are working in concert with our regional partners, strategic partners, and other stakeholders. Our mission is to preserve, protect and enhance Humboldt County’s world-renowned cannabis industry, and we intend to do just that.

Please keep your eyes on your email, our website and social media sites for updates.

HCGA and California Growers Association unequivocally support the enforcement of an acreage cap as stated in the PEIR.

If you agree with our position, please sign and share our open letter now.

Warmest regards, 

Terra J. Carver, Executive Director, and the Whole Team at HCGA

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Natalynne DeLapp-Hinton