HCGA Board of Directors Nomination Open

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Are you interested in serving on the HCGA Board of Directors? If so, you're encouraged to fill out a nomination form. The nomination period closes on Tuesday, September 15, 2020.

HCGA Board Members serve three year terms, and may seek re-election. Board Member and Treasurer, Patrick Kanzler of Solstice Agriculture, has chosen not to seek a second term. Chairman of the Board, Scott Davies of Winterbourne Farms in Honeydew, is seeking a second term.

The three Directors, who are not up for re-election, will assess the nominees and elect the Board of Directors. The new Board of Directors will be announced the first week of October.

Below are excerpts from HCGA's Bylaws

4.2 Qualifications

The Directors of the Corporation must be natural persons who are (i) at least 18 years old, (ii) Licensed Humboldt County Cannabis Business Members in good standing, or owners, operators, directors, officers or employees of a Member in good standing, and (iii) up to 20% of the Board of Directors may be comprised of Allied Industry Business Members. The Board of Directors will appoint new Directors annually or when a Director seat is available, as needed.

4.10 Terms of Office

The initial Directors appointed by the Incorporator shall remain Directors until the sooner of (i) three years after the date they were appointed by the Incorporator or (ii) the date that their respective successors are appointed as directors of the Corporation in the manner set forth herein. Each Director will hold office for a term of three years, unless a different term is established by a duly adopted resolution of the Board of Directors. After a three-year term, a Director may seek re-appointment. Directorship positions will be voted upon as necessary to appoint vacant seats. Notwithstanding the expiration of a Director’s term, such Director will continue to hold office until the Director’s successor is elected. If a Director is removed at a special meeting that Director will hold office until his or her removal and his or her successor is elected by the remaining Board Members.

4.11 Nomination

Any person qualified to be a Director under Section 4.2 of these Bylaws may be nominated by the method of nomination authorized by the Board or by any other method authorized by law.

4.12 Election

Prospective Directors will be nominated and elected by the Board of Directors, as prescribed by Section 4.1 of these Bylaws. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes up to the number of Directors to be elected shall be deemed elected. Directors are eligible for re-election, provided they continue to meet the qualifications required by Section 4.2 of these Bylaws, without limitation on the number of terms they may serve.

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