HCGA Works to Support Racial Justice

Updated: Sep 18

As protestors in all fifty states, and globally, put their bodies on the line to fight for racial justice, we have been reflecting on how HCGA can best play a positive role in dismantling structures of racial oppression. The War on Drugs and the war on cannabis have always been racist institutions. This history, alongside many other reasons, creates an ethical responsibility for all of us to fight for justice in the cannabis industry and beyond. This responsibility exists in the policy work that we do on a local, state, and national level, as well as the role we play within our own community to promote justice and fight inequity.

We feel outrage at the police murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others, and we have heard from many of our members who feel the same, and who have felt moved to action in solidarity. As an organization, we have been working and will continue to work to mobilize resources that promote racial justice in our community and in our policy work. This is an ongoing priority of our organization, and we welcome community input on how we can best play a substantive and positive role. This is the time to listen to black and POC voices in our community and support them and elevate them in this fight for change.

We want to acknowledge that last week, when many people and organizations spoke up to express their solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, we did not. The decision not to speak at that moment stemmed from an inclination to be deliberative, and a fear that our response would not be adequate to the moment. It was also a mistake. For many, we understand that this constituted an unacceptable silence and left questions about where we stand and the values that we hold. We apologize and recognize this as one of many ways we have a responsibility to do better and hold each other accountable. The need for forward momentum in this fight is bigger than the fear of saying the wrong thing.

The ethical imperative to fight for justice and equality is not new, and it does not end now. This is a time to be more intersectional in our work than ever before. We are committed to this work, and we stand with all those protesting state violence and fighting for black lives.

In solidarity,

HCGA Staff Members:

Terra J. Carver

Natalynne DeLapp

Ross Gordon

Heather Luther

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