Letter from the Chairman of the Board of Directors

Greetings HCGA members and Humboldt Cannabis community,

As summer edges towards autumn, I write with updates from the HCGA office.

First, I am excited and honored to be the new Chairman of the Board at HCGA. I hope to fulfill the Chair responsibilities as well as our outgoing (and first ever) Chairman, Cody Stross, has done. Many thanks to Cody for taking the helm as HCGA first came into existence, and for his work and vision that has seen HCGA grow in membership and influence across Humboldt County and California. Lastly, I am very grateful for the support of the HCGA Board in electing me the next Board Chair.

I have been in the cannabis industry in Humboldt County for 30 years. Throughout that time my wife and I have had farm property in Honeydew where we still operate Winterbourne Farms. I also co-founded and run both Humboldt Legends and Flower Company, which has broadened my cannabis industry experience to include manufacturing, distribution and e-commerce. This range of experience allows me to speak to the challenges and goals for all the stakeholders in our cultivation community, and I’m looking forward to continue working with my staff and Board members at HCGA to support our world class cannabis heritage.

Who is HCGA and what do we represent? While our name includes the designation “growers”, our work and vision encompasses the entirety of the cannabis supply chain in Humboldt County and reaches out to associated industries across the state. We view every piece of the cannabis ecosystem in Humboldt County as part of our family, from cultivators to extractors, manufacturers to distributors, processors to retail, and we aim to open an umbrella of support, education, and advocacy that covers you all. While nearly 75% of our members are outdoor cultivators, we also have memberships from indoor cultivators, distributors, manufacturers, nurseries, testing, and retail, and associated industry businesses across the state.

It’s also important to recognize and celebrate the fact that many of our members are small farms and (independent) businesses who are spread around Humboldt County. While it’s perhaps no surprise that 40% of our members are in Humboldt County’s 2nd district, HCGA has strong membership across all license types in all of Humboldt’s five districts.

This speaks to the fact that that no single watershed or district in Humboldt should lay sole claim to being gatekeepers of the Humboldt county cannabis narrative and the future of our industry. We are strongest when we collaborate across our county, and speak with one voice. From Willow Creek to Garberville, from Honeydew to Bridgeville, from Arcata to Fortuna, Petrolia to Trinidad and everywhere else in between, we are the Humboldt County Growers Alliance, and we’re working for all of you.


Scott Davies

Chairman of the Board - HCGA


Dear HCGA members,

In the winter of 2016, we sat down to dinner with Cody Stross and drilled him on his experience in the cannabis industry, what leadership meant to him, and his vision for Humboldt County's future. Not only did Cody handle the dinner/interrogation with grace and patience, but he also brought forth a level of expertise that was precisely what we were looking for to help guide tour fledgling organization. By dessert, we had asked him to chair our Board of Directors. Nearly three years later, and one full term as Chair, Cody's leadership has been a core pillar in building HCGA into the success that it is today. Much like our elected officials, Cody's elected term is terming out and he is handing the reins over to fellow board member Scott Davies. Cody will remain on the board and continue to serve our membership with the same diligence and expertise that has built HCGA into a major stakeholder in California's cannabis industry.

Thank you, Cody, for your service. We salute you.

With great appreciation,

Terra Carver and Natalynne DeLapp

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