Meet Kati Moulton Eureka City Council Candidate

Kati Moulton

Ward 2

Do you support the growth of cannabis industries in your city? Please explain specific policies that you support or oppose.

I generally support any appropriately regulated industry which will offer good jobs, retail sales tax revenue, and reasons for people to like Eureka. My understanding of relevant policies is limited, but I would be in favor of reasonable geographical restrictions/zoning, and taxes. I would strive to make sure that cannabis industry workers are protected, and I principally favor small or local businesses over other options.

Are there segments of the cannabis supply chain—cultivation, manufacturing, testing, distribution, retail—that you want to see more of, or less of, in your city? Explain.

Whatever aspect of the industry can find appropriate space would be welcome in my book.

What positions did you take on cannabis, if any, during the war on drugs…think 1970 into the 21st Century? Have those views evolved over time, how and when?

My view on cannabis was and is: Why on Earth would this be illegal? "The war on drugs" has always been a war on the poor and people of color. I don't believe my view on this has changed since I first heard the phrase. Drug prohibition causes black markets and places outside the law where predators and violent thugs are able to operate protected by darkness.

What do you know about the dozens of cannabis businesses that have located in your city since 2016? How many businesses are there? How many jobs? How much paid in permits and fees?

I don't know these details. I know that local growers have struggled to keep going while competing against larger outfits with deeper pockets. I am curious about the economic impact of cannabis in Eureka as it shifts from a grey to an open market.

Do you support a city-based excise tax on cannabis? If so, under what circumstances, on which activities, how much and on what basis (sales, square footage, etc)?

I believe a cannabis specific sales tax would be fair. Other types of taxes might discourage start up local businesses.

How would you make resources more available to cannabis businesses since they are often precluded from relief and other opportunities provided to other small businesses, such as federally-funded assistance?

I hope that we are on a path to national legalization, which would leave no legitimate reason to treat cannabis differently from any other industry. In the meantime, perhaps part of any cannabis related taxes could go to an emergency relief fund.

How do you envision the future of cannabis in your city, and in Humboldt County more broadly?

I believe Humboldt is situated to be the Napa Valley of cannabis. As the commercial cannabis market grows, and becomes less and less stigmatized, we can grow our economy while bringing the whole industry out into the sunshine of regulations. Whether they are growing quinoa or cannabis, all farms should be asked to take care of the land they are on. All businesses should be required take care of their employees.

Do you currently, or have you enjoyed/consumed cannabis?

Yes. I have used cannabis to help deal with anxiety and depression in the past, and have experienced it to be a powerful medicine against nausea, menstrual pain, and boredom.

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