Meet Stacy Atkins-Salazar Arcata City Council Candidate

Stacy Atkins-Salazar

Arcata City Council

Do you support the growth of cannabis industries in your city? Please explain specific policies that you support or oppose.

I do support the growth of the cannabis industry in Arcata. However, because our community has differing opinions on this, it has to be done in a thoughtful, sustainable way that works for the community.

Are there segments of the cannabis supply chain—cultivation, manufacturing, testing, distribution, retail—that you want to see more of, or less of, in your city? Explain.

Not necessarily.

What positions did you take on cannabis, if any, during the war on drugs…think 1970 into the 21st Century? Have those views evolved over time, how and when?

Growing up in Blue Lake/Arcata cannabis has never been that big of a taboo for me. Of course I remember the war on drugs... but I think many of us in Humboldt excluded cannabis from that category.

What do you know about the dozens of cannabis businesses that have located in your city since 2016? How many businesses are there? How many jobs? How much paid in permits and fees?

I do not have this specific answer. I do know that we have several new dispensaries, labs and other cannabis related business in Arcata and that more are wanting in.

Do you support a city-based excise tax on cannabis? If so, under what circumstances, on which activities, how much and on what basis (sales, square footage, etc)?

I do not. The city already receives sales taxes and other taxes coming from workers, production, etc. in this industry. The state already has added a %15 excise tax and I don't think we need to punish the cannabis industry by adding a city excise tax.

How would you make resources more available to cannabis businesses since they are often precluded from relief and other opportunities provided to other small businesses, such as federally-funded assistance?

I am aware that there is federal prejudice against the cannabis industry and that government resources are limited. I am open to a discussion on what the needs of the industry are and how the city could possibly be of help. I support Arcata businesses (including those in the cannabis industry) and recognize that they need help and support from the city.

How do you envision the future of cannabis in your city, and in Humboldt County more broadly?

The cannabis industry is important to our fragile economy. Legalization has negatively impacted this industry and the entire county has felt the effects. I see the cannabis industry as surviving & thriving in our community.

Do you currently, or have you enjoyed/consumed cannabis?

Yes I do.

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