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Farmer Profile


Owners, Skyline Farms LLC

How many years have you been in cannabis?

Since 1975. We are second generation farmers.

Tell us about Skyline Farms.

We're a small farm in Southern Humboldt County growing in 100% Humboldt sun on an off-grid solar-powered homestead. We use pure rainwater collected in the winter so that our practices protect the fish and wildlife of the beautiful Redwood Creek and Eel River watersheds. Every plant is carefully tended by hand, from planting to harvest.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your job?

Knowing we are providing quality medicine for those in need. Sharing the wealth and creating successful partnerships.

Greatest challenges?

Trusting the agencies and the compliance process. There should be a support group for children of hippies who grew up afraid of helicopters in a culture where it was taboo to ask someone what they did for a living. And banking (the fees are criminal!)

How does your farm help tell the Humboldt cannabis story? 

Our hand-built homesteads turned commercial cannabis farms have evolved and improved as we continue to invest in solar, water storage, dry space and fire safety. It's not just a job, but a lifestyle. Cannabis is our culture!

What's one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?

We operate 3 different farms over 5 properties with 7 State permits! Our sister farms, Spruce Grove Farms and the Wilma Ranch are both on the East side. Skyline Farms is on the West Side. It's been a wild ride! Or....one time at Reggae....

If you weren't growing cannabis, what would you be doing?

Environmental Consulting, Property Management, Equipment Operator, Stream and Forest Restoration, because we do all of that too. 

What do you have in your stash?

My first thought is: none of your business! We have a varied sample pack of all the flavors....you name it. We are currently enjoying an amazing ice cream cake, papaya punch and glad to have it back.... blue dream!


Cell:  707-599-6670

427 F Street, Suite 213

Eureka, CA 95501

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Casandra & Shanon - Skyline Farms LLC

Building community and growing cannabis IS life in Southern Humboldt